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It’s the most wonderful time of year



It’s a wonderful time of year. Whether one celebrates Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Rohatsu, Solstice, or simply takes time to reflect on the conclusion of yet another calendar year, it is special and important part of our societal, religious, and familial traditions. As we review the recent past and turn the page on our calendars, we have much to consider. What will we remember from what has transpired? How have we grown or changed? What will come next? What will we do to better prepare for the future? There are many answers to these questions but here we will just mention a few.

At Glacier Eye Clinic, reflection on this past year brings a number of feelings and emotions to the surface. Our clinic, our community, and our world have been through so many highs and lows, of late. We are particularly grateful for our blessings, humbled by our challenges and excited for the future. Our blessings are many but center on two special groups of people.


We are so fortunate to enjoy a wonderful staff. These women and men spend countless hours, so many of which are unrecognized, organizing, preparing, carrying out, and cleaning up our day to day endeavors. They are essential to our clinical successes and keep us moving forward during the headwinds of the practice of medicine. We hope you, too, will thank them when you visit.

The second group for whom we are deeply grateful for is you, our patients. We are fortunate to take care of this special community. Whether a generational native Montanan or newer member of the area we sincerely feel a responsibility to give each patient our best. Of course there are challenges and imperfections in medicine. However, we hope you know and feel that our greatest desire is to help you  maintain, restore, and enhance your vision so that you can enjoy your life to its capacity.


We are thankful for your patience with us as we, like the rest of the world, have struggled to work through new difficulties that have arisen over the past two-and-a-half years. The pandemic, growth of the valley, and political climate have caused the need for constant evolution in healthcare. These changes are humbling, yet we remain devoted to improving ourselves so we can take better care of you. As mentioned, our staff has given their best to help us make Glacier Eye Clinic a modern, top-of-the-line eyecare facility here in Northwestern Montana. Our commitment to you is to continue to do so moving forward.


While a global pandemic and challenges in medicine, as in all industries, have changed the dynamic, we are excited for what lies ahead. Our all-star staff continues to grow, learn, and strengthen. This coming year will see our surgical services move into a state-of-the-art surgical facility, Glacier Surgical. New lines of service and additional technology will continue to improve our patient care and outcomes. We are thrilled to be able to better serve you in 2023!


Thank you for being part of Glacier Eye Clinic and our Northwestern Montana community. We look forward to seeing each of you, soon. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year!

Warm wishes,


Glacier Eye Clinic Physicians