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Logan Swenson
Above and Beyond
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I did LASIK surgery with Dr. Jessen a couple months ago, and it is one of the best things I have ever done! I can’t recommend the procedure enough. Dr. Jessen does an amazing job. He is extremely patient, kind, calm, and thoughtful. Even calling the night of the surgery to check and see if I was doing well. He and his staff make you feel like they really care. They go above and beyond. My vision is 20/15 now, and it is the most amazing feeling to wake up and see! If you’re considering it. Do it.
Carol Barnes
Very Supportive And Gave Great Information
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Dr. Tyler Ofstad fixed my cataracts this year. The whole team at Glacier Eye is excellent. They were very thorough, examining every aspect of my eyes. They explained everything well from what to expect from the surgery to the cost. They were very supportive and gave great information both verbally and in writing, to help me make the necessary decisions about cataracts (near or far, astigmatism correction or not, etc). I have always been very squeamish about anyone getting near my eyes and was nervous about being awake during the procedure but Dr. Ofstad was very reassuring and fast. There was excellent coordination between the office and the hospital. Most importantly, I got a great result with 20/20 vision and everything looks so much clearer and colorful. I only need readers for glasses now. I would highly recommend Dr. Ofstad and Glacier Eye team.
Milla Koger
Fabulous Outcome
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I had bilateral cataract surgery with long distance lens replacement done in the last month by Dr. Alme. The surgeries were done 2 weeks apart. I cannot describe how fabulous the outcome was for such a short investment of time and eyes drops three times a day or in excess of a month. The preop and after care were beyond reproach. Postoperatively, I saw Drs. Olsen and Remington. Their professional demeanor, making one feel comfortable with a stranger, was quite outstanding. The office help and eye technicians were friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. I still thank the Lord and Glacier Eye Clinic for gifting me with such an improvement in my eyesight.
Sarah Mathiason
Best Decision
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Everyone at Glacier Eye clinic was thorough, kind, professional and answered all my questions about before/during and after surgery. No drama, it was all positive. I would (and do) recommend anyone to Glacier Clinic. I don't usually leave reviews, however I feel that if you are on the 'fence' about getting Lasik/PRK than I would suggest that it is one of the best things I have done for myself. I have better than perfect vision after Lasik. No more losing glasses, damaged glasses, foggy glasses, contacts, nose being irritated by glasses. I can hike/swim/snowboard/work freely like I did as a kid. Best decision. Consider it an ongoing investment that rewards you every minute you are awake!